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In today’s busy world, a real life challenge for every individual is to flush out all kinds of toxins from their body and maintain the healthy lifestyle through smart eating. such eating can not only serve your taste buds but it can provide all the essentials nutrient to your body also. The right selection of your food can promote your overall health. It is our body’s right to get all the nutrients. So we need to feed it with healthy supply of sufficient food. If you are looking for some healthy foods that you can add in your everyday diet then this blog can help you. Here at The Global Fever you will find all about what is going on around the world. If you have something catchy or spicy for us, go this page and you will know what to do ;) Write For Us

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5 amazing B’s in your life

How to stay healthy and happy with 5 amazing ‘‘B’s’’ in your life? In today’s world, it’s very important for every individual to stay...

10 Proven foods that can strengthen your immune system

The human body encounters various threats on a daily basis in the form of germs, mechanical injuries, and dust. God has blessed mankind with...


Garlic is the healthiest vegetable. You must be surprised to see the word,’ vegetable’ used for garlic. Though garlic is used as a spice...

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