Though diamonds hold a prominent position in the jeweler industry but we are going to tell you about the 5 MOST EXPENSIVE GEMS that have stepped in the jewelry industry and bench marked themselves against diamonds.
You must be curious to know about these gemstones. So, let’s learn about the 5 MOST EXPENSIVE GEMS which are not only rare but expensive too in the world.

1: Taaffeite

Taaffeite is the rarest gemstone and unique in its qualities like its name. It can be in blue, green, red and purple color. The commonly found colors of Taaffeite are pale, mauve and lavender. Saturated red and purple taaffeites are hard to find. The constituents of taaffeite crystal are beryllium, magnesium and aluminium. Most of the people confuse it with spinel because of some common structural features between them. Taaffeite possesses the property of double refraction.

Credits: pinterst

Taaffeite was discovered in Dublin, Ireland in 1945 by Richard Taaffe. He was working on gemstones in the lab when accidently he came across this unique gemstone. Most taaffeites are found in small sizes. The largest known taaffeite was a 33 carat specimen that was sold at auction in 1999 in Hong Kong. It is rated 8 to 8.5 on Mohs scale of hardness. It is found in Burma, China, Sri Lanka but several companies are hunting the mines in Madagascar for its traces.

Many astrologers believe that taaffeite symbolizes dignity, royalty, creativity, peace and calmness. The soothing color of taaffeite can enhance the creativity of a person. It also encourages idealistic thinking and spirituality.

2: Red Beryl

Red beryl is another rarest and expensive gemstone in the world. The first red beryl was found in Juab County, Utah in 1900. Its striking red colour makes it unique among all gemstones.
Red beryl is also known as Bixbite. The red color of Red Beryl is because of the presence of Manganese replacing aluminium in the Beryl structure. It normally occurs in elongated hexagonal shape. It is generally 2-10 mm long and 2-6 mm thick. Red beryl is found in extremely small amount. The largest red beryl gemstone is of 1.6 gram. It is often recognized by its form, hardness, color and specific gravity. It is rated 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale. Its estimated market value is $10,000 per carat.

Credits:By Rob Lavinsky

Red beryl holds a significant position in the field of astrology. Many astrologers believe that it symbolizes energy, motivation, strength and passion. It can also help the person to overcome his worries. The eye-catching colour of red beryl can eliminate negative energy from the body and it can stimulate positive energy in a person. If a person wants to boost his self- confidence, wearing red beryl will benefit him.


These were the 2 gem stones that have your attention out of the 5 MOST EXPENSIVE GEMS. Lets get going.

3: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is extremely rare and a fairly modern one among the gemstones’ world. It has the ability to change its colour. It looks green in sunlight and red in incandescent light. So, it will not be wrong to say that it possesses chameleon like characteristics. This special gemstone absorbs different wavelengths of light differently depending upon the direction of light. It is an expensive member of Chrysoberyl family because of its excellent hardness. It is rated 8.5 on Mohs scale. Its estimated market value is over$ 70 k per carat.

Alexandrite was discovered on the birthday of Prince Alexander II. That is why, this gemstone is called ‘Alexandrite’ .It is found in Russia, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Srilanka. Some Alexandrites have also been found in Burma, India and Madagascar.
Many astrologers believe that alexandrites can provoke love, romance and harmony. They also believe that this stone can bring joy in our lives. It can be helpful in the treatment of various diseases like chronic disorders, improper functioning of pancreas and Leukemia.

4: Jadeite

Jadeite is considered to be the rarest and precious gemstone. It was first discovered in Myanmar, Burma. Later, it was also found in Russia, New Zealand and Canada.
Jadeite is found in a broad range of colours like purple, red, yellow, lavender but the most popular colour is green. The colour of jadeite is largely affected by the presence of chromium and iron. It is also believed that it gets greener with time because of chromium that is responsible for colour change due to body heat.

It is rated 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale.
Jadeite is further divided into two categories: Nephrite Jadeite and Jadeite Jade. Nephrite Jadeite is the one from China whereas Jadeite Jade is the one from Burma. Nephite Jadeite holds significant importance in Chinese culture. Elite class from China are always eager to buy it. They also place it in their homes as it can bring wealth and happiness for them.
Many astrologers call it, ‘Stone of Heaven’ and they believe that it symbolizes wealth, good fortune and prosperity. They also believe that it can make anyone wealthy overnight. So, if anyone wants to be rich and successful in his life, he should keep this precious stone with him.

5: Black Opal

Black opal is the rarest gemstone in opal family. The black opal’s discovery in Australia in late 1800’s changed the gemstone world. It is also known as ‘Queen of Gems’. It has a dark body tone that can range from dark grey to jet black. It includes carbon and iron-oxide. It reflects light and can show up various colours. Because of its dark tone, the rainbow colours stand out much better in light.

In the past, it was maharajas and sultans favourite gem. They loved wearing it. They believe that it brings good fortune. Many astrologers believe that it can strengthen our character. So, if you want to have a strong character and to change the direction of your life, try wearing black opal. It can bring a positive twist in your life.
Black opals are found in northern New South Wales. They have also been found in South Australia. It has become the rarest gemstone and it is hard to find it nowadays. Its estimated market value is over 10,000$ per carat.

I bet you will be searching more and more about these and wondering how they make up to the 5 MOST EXPENSIVE GEMS list.

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Sajida Arjumand
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