Best 10 Air freshener hacks


Can you imagine your life without pleasant fragrances? Let’s start with Best 10 Air freshener hacks with simple ingredients at home.

Of course not! The fragrance is something that everyone wants to carry. The pleasant fragrance can make anyone’s mood fresh and happy. Smells are everywhere in our homes but unfortunately, most of them are not pleasant. Just imagine, you enter your home and your nostrils experience the pungent smell of garlic and ginger or uncooked fish. This unpleasant smell will turn off your mood. On the other hand, if you are welcomed by the pleasant fragrance at home, you will feel happy and relaxed.

Most people keep expensive air fresheners at home. They use it from time to time to remove the unpleasant smell from their house. The majority of the air fresheners have harmful chemicals in it and they are not safe for health.

If you are health conscious and also worried about the unpleasant smells at your home, you need not worry anymore. Here are 10 easy hacks that can immediately spread the pleasant fragrance in your home without affecting your health.

Hack # 1:

Take a clean bowl. Pour half cup of rose water, some fresh petals of roses (White, pink, yellow or red), and 5 drops of lemon juice to it. Stir it and place it in your living room or lounge

Hack #2

Boil one cup of water. Then add 1 tsp of cumin seeds and one bay leave in it. Let it cool. Then, add ½ tsp of lavender oil and mix it. Place it in your lounge or drawing room to kick the bad odor out of your house.

Air freshener on table for pleasant fresh floral smell in room at home Premium Photo

Hack #3

Take a clean bowl. Pour half cup of vinegar and half cup of water in it. Then, add 3 to 4 slices of lemon and few drops of lemon juice in it. Your amazing Air freshener is ready.

Hack #4

Fill up your bowl with water. Add a few drops of vanilla essence, 2 sticks of cinnamon, 2 cloves, and a small amount of nutmeg in it. Mix all the ingredients and place them in your lounge. It will not only keep the insects and mosquitoes away but also absorbs the bad odor.

Hack # 5

Take a glass bowl and pour one cup of water in it. Add 5 to 6 drops of lemon juice, 5 to 6 mint leaves, and 7 drops of orange essential oil. Don’t worry if you don’t have orange essential oil, you can replace it with fresh orange slices.

Hack # 6

Take a clean bowl and fill it with water. Add 2 Tbsp. of vinegar, 5 drops of tea tree oil, & drops of rosemary essential oil and 2 to 3 slices of fresh lemon. Give it a good stir. Your Air freshener is ready to spread fragrance in your home.

Hack #7

Take a clean bowl. Pour one cup of water in it. Then, add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice, 2 tsp of rose water and 5 to 6 mint leaves in it. Stir it and spread fragrance in your room with this amazing hack.

Hack #8

Boil one cup of water with orange peels. Let it cool. Then, add few drops of lemon juice and 2 to 3 basil leaves in it. Stir it and place it inside your room.

Hack # 9

Take a jar and fill half of it with baking soda. Mix a few drops of any available essential oil in it. Give it a good mix. Now make some holes in the lid of the jar and enjoy the fragrance. Baking soda has an amazing quality to absorb the bad odor. So, you can place it in your fridge too if you are tired of the bad smell that comes out of your fridge.

Young woman spraying air freshener in the room for pleasant fresh floral smell in the house Premium Photo

Hack #10

If you are a coffee lover then this amazing hack is for you.

Take a small bowl, mix 2 Tbsp. of coffee beans in 2 Tbsp. of warm water. Also, add few drops of vanilla extract in it.  Now, place it above any burning candle stand. You can enjoy the pleasant coffee fragrance in your room while reading a book of your choice.


It is not necessary to buy expensive air fresheners from the supermarket or local stores. You can make life easier by making these amazing super easy air fresheners at home. These amazing air fresheners are not only easy to make but they will surely remove all kinds of bad odor from the house.

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