5 amazing B’s in your life


How to stay healthy and happy with 5 amazing ‘‘B’s’’ in your life? In today’s world, it’s very important for every individual to stay healthy and live a stress-free life. You must be thinking, is it possible? Well, nothing is impossible in life if you have a strong will and a positive lifestyle to live. If you are strong, you will not only achieve success but also encounter the challenges of life bravely. Every successful encounter will give you happiness too. Nature has blessed mankind with zillions of gifts. If one takes full benefit out of those gifts, he will live a germ-free and stress-free life. Are you ready to discover 5 amazing B’s that can bring magical changes in your life? Here we go…

1) Blueberry:

Blueberry is a tasty super fruit. Its scientific name is Cyanococcus. It is blue or purple in colour. It is rich in Vitamins. It also has a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. Blueberries play an important role to improve health. Hair and skin are two sensitive topics for any person living on planet Earth. Everyone wants healthy beautiful skin and shiny hair for a beautiful look. Blueberry has an antioxidant property that can give you glowy healthy skin. It also improves hair growth. Check out an easy healthy mask for your hair.

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Mix blueberries paste with olive oil and apply to your hair for healthy shiny hair. Hope this simple remedy will make your day. The presence of Vitamin E in blueberries improve the vision and strengthen the eye muscles. Studies have also shown that regular intake of blueberries reduces the risk of cancer. So, add it in your diet as this amazing gift of nature is packed with numerous health benefits.

2) Banana:

Banana (Musa Paradisicum) is an edible soft fruit and a complete meal. It is a rich source of fibre, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and various antioxidants.  It is good for bones, hair growth and healthy skin. It also improves the digestion and function of the heart. Doctors recommend eating bananas to weak patients as it is a healthy meal with bundles of nutrients. It can reduce the anxiety too.

                 Do you know, ‘A banana a day keeps the depression away?’

                      If you are fighting depression, start eating bananas.

Banana is simple and delicious food for toddlers. It not only fills up their stomach but also give them instant energy too. In most of the countries, people take milk with banana. It is not safe to take milk with it because it becomes too heavy and disturbs the digestive system. It also leads to sinus congestion. So, don’t consume milk with it.

3) Beetroot:

Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) is an amazing super-healthy food with medicinal properties. It is a beautiful dark coloured root vegetable. It is also known as red beet, garden beet or just beet. It is a great source of fibre, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and iron. It improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It improves the vision and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

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Doctors recommend beetroot to anaemic patients as the presence of iron increases the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. Its juice has also numerous health benefits. It boosts stamina and detoxifies the liver. It also reduces the risk of cancer. So, add it in your daily diet, raw or cooked to live a healthy and stress-free life. Hope that reading these 3 B’s have given you a lot of information. Want to know about the remaining two magical B’s? Here’s the information.

4) Blue colour:

You must be surprised to see the blue colour in this 5 amazing B’s. YES, it is right that blue colour plays an important role in making your life happy. The blue colour is one of the powerful and dynamic colours in the spectrum. It has different shades, all are unique. It symbolizes loyalty, tranquillity, trust, and calmness. It is soothing for the eyes too. If you look at the sky or an ocean, you will find it soothing and cool because of the blue colour that it possesses. Wearing a blue colour benefits a lot. It reduces aggression and anxiety. It also controls high blood pressure and heart rate.


Don’t know how to get benefit from this colour? Let’s find out.

  • Step outside your house early morning. The soothing blue coloured sky is waiting there for you. Take a deep breath and you will feel calm and happy.
  • Give your living room a new look with blue cushions, rug, carpet, and candles. The entry of this amazing colour will bring a positive change in your mood.
  • Try a dark blue outfit for a happy mood. Researches have shown that this colour produces healthy chemicals that make you feel relaxed.Check out a simple tip for a successful interview:Try navy or royal blue outfit before going for a job interview and you will come back with an appointment letter 🙂

5) Blue light:

You must be surprised, how blue light can bring a positive change in your life? Is this really in the 5 amazing B’s list? Let’s find out. Blue light boosts memory and elevates mood. It improves health and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. According to studies, it has the bacteria and virus killing ability. If you keep a patient in a room with blue light bulb inside, he will feel better. If you use mobile or smart phone excessively for texting and e-mailing, use a blue light filter to keep your eyes safe.

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In most of the countries, blue light therapy is used to treat skin disorders like acne, scars, and sunspots.  The largest, safest and healthiest source of blue light is sunlight. Other artificial sources include Fluorescent light, LED light, smart phones, and tablet screens. So, sit in sunlight for some time to get rid of harmful germs. Also, open doors during daytime so that sunlight can enter in rooms and kill harmful germs.


Just imagine how wonderful your life would be if these 5 amazing B’s are present in your life.

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