5 super O’s To Kill Deadly Viruses and Bacteria


The rising sun of the 21st century brings with it a lot of challenges for mankind. One of them is to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria. These germs attack the immune system thus making it weak. When the immune system gets weak, the person easily gets sick. In order to create a shield around your body, it is necessary to eat such food that can kill deadly viruses and bacteria. Nowadays, medical workers and researchers are worried about the health of people. Most of the time, man-made medicines and vaccines also fail to beat these deadly germs.

Nature has bestowed on us many gifts that play a vital role to make our bodies strong. These amazing gifts include healthy food that surely can Kill Deadly Viruses and Bacteria of any kind. Here is the list of 5 super O’s that guarantee your body safety by creating a shield around it and stop the entry of harmful germs in your body.



Olives are also known as ‘paradise food’. Olives are rich in Vitamins. Eating olives daily provide energy to the body and boost the immune system. Olives have antioxidant properties. They protect the body against deadly viruses and bacteria. They are good for the heart and prevent cancer.


Olive oil has numerous health benefits. When applied on the hair scalp, hair growth increases. It also prevents hair fall. When added in food, it not only becomes delicious but also gives instant energy to the body. It has the property to remove constipation. Few drops of olive oil in nostrils work like a magic potion. It protects the respiratory system by killing all the germs. Its leaves also possess magical properties and are very beneficial to overcome cold and flu.


Boil a cup of water with 1 cinnamon stick and few olive leaves. Then, add a teaspoon of honey and enjoy it. This concoction has the ability to Kill Deadly Viruses and Bacteria of any kind including Coronavirus.

You can add it in a salad or use it in cooking food and your health will become better.


Onion is packed with nutrients. It is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. It has antioxidant properties and prevents the entry of harmful viruses and bacteria in the body. It fixes heart problems and digestive issues. Onion comes in different varieties. There are white onions, yellow onions, purple onions, and green onion. All are loaded with nutrients.

When it comes to killing viruses and bacteria, purple onion works magically. It strengthens the immune system. By adding it in the daily diet, you can stay away from germs. Eating raw onion has more benefits than the fried or cooked onion.

Flat lay onion ring on white background Free Photo

You must be thinking that eating raw onion is a tough task because of its sharp taste. Here’s a solution: cut an onion in slices and sprinkle salt. Leave it for a while then rinse it with water while pressing it firmly. Add some lemon juice. Now, you can enjoy it in salads.


Orange pith

Orange pith is another beautiful entry in the list of healthy food. It is the healthiest part of the fruit. Most people are not aware of its benefits. So, they remove it while eating oranges. Though its taste is a little bit bitter it offers tremendous health benefits.

Abstract background with slices of yellow and red oranges Premium Photo

It is a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains limonene, calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, and dietary fiber. It is a strong weapon against cold and flu has the property to Kill Deadly Viruses and Bacteria. Many nutritionists recommend eating this white part to treat sickness. Thinking how to get this white orange pith offseason? Here’s the solution, You can store orange pith and make its powder by drying it in sunlight. In this way, you can take benefit from it even when there is no orange season.


Oats is a complete easy to digest meal. It contains zinc, iron, sodium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and Beta –Glucan. It has anti-oxidants that provide energy to your body and remove toxins from your body. When there is energy in your body, your will power to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria increases too. It fills up the stomach easily so there is no chance of gaining weight.

Close-up of oat flakes Free Photo

The daily intake of oats in breakfast reduces the swelling of joints and helps to remove the rashes from the skin. It also contributes to better circulation of blood. You can take oats at breakfast. For a good twist, add strawberries and honey and serve your taste buds the healthy delicious food. If your children don’t like to eat oats, prepare the cookie dough, and add oats in it, bake them, and enjoy delicious oat cookies.


Ovalbumin is the type of protein that is present in egg white. It is full of nutrients and low in calories. It is rich in amino acids. It is anti-cancer, antimicrobial, and has immune-strengthening properties. It helps the body to prevent the entry of foreign deadly viruses and bacteria. It also improves the growth of cells in the body.

RCSB PDB - 1UHG: Crystal Structure of S-Ovalbumin At 1.9 Angstrom ...

If you eat egg white daily in breakfast, your body will get the desired proteins and your whole body will feel the energy. The high blood pressure and cholesterol patients can safely take it and give their body the necessary protein. If you will make the above-mentioned super O’s a part of your life, no virus or bacteria will destroy your body’s health.

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