Are you tired of sleepless nights?


After a tiring hectic day, a living body demands its right that is a ‘peaceful sleep.’ It is as important as oxygen. It plays a vital role in improving the overall health of your body. It not only improves the function of the brain but also removes the toxins from the body. Are you tired of sleepless nights?

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In today’s busy world, every person is facing a lot of challenges. One of them is sleepless nights. There are many reasons why you are tired of sleepless nights?. Stress and depression are at the top of the list. A person loses a job or got divorced, he goes into depression. A person keeps thinking about the luxuries of life that he doesn’t possess, he goes into depression. This stress and depression lead to psychological issues like worry, anger, and grief. It also leads to physical problems like a weak immune system, and a dull face. When both psychological and physical problems exceed their limit, sleepless nights start to haunt a person.


Nowadays, not only adults are facing this problem but children have also become its victim. They take pills before going to bed. Seriously, these pills are not body friendly. They have side effects in the long run.  Do you want to get rid of your sleepless nights? Here are some tips

  • Bedtime exercise
  • Foot massage
  • Sleep friendly foods
  • Listening to a soothing voice.
  • Less usage of gadgets

Bedtime exercise

It is a great tip that helps in peaceful sleep. When you go to your bed, there are plenty of exercises you can do and trust me bedtime yoga is the best practice to get rid of sleeping pills which literally damage your health.

If you sit in a cross-legged posture, and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and fully. Stretch your arms towards the front for few seconds then come back to normal posture. Lay on your bed and relax. Bend your legs, hold your knees and let them hug your chest for one minute.

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Keep your right knee towards your chest with left leg long down on your bed. Take a deep breath and extend your right arm for one minute. Repeat the same process for your left leg and arm. Finally, lay down, extend your legs long with arms down by your sides, close your eyes and take deep breaths for a few minutes. This simple bedtime exercise will take you to a peaceful slumber.

Foot massage

Let me tell you, this matchless tip works like wonders. There are numerous pressure points in your feet. When you do foot massage with mustard or olive oil, it improves the overall function of your body. It not only strengthens the eye muscles but also improves the digestion process. It improves the circulation of blood and removes fatigue.

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So, place a small bottle of mustard or olive oil near your bed. After bedtime exercise, do foot massage. Take a small amount of oil and apply it on your feet with your fingers. Don’t forget to massage the heels and toenails.

Sleep friendly foods

Still are you tired of sleepless nights? Well there are some friendly foods which you can include in you lifestyle that can help you get rid of your sleepless nights. Sleep friendly foods play an important role in inducing a peaceful sleep. Bananas, almonds, yogurt, poppy seeds and Lukewarm milk are sleep-friendly foods. If you take them, you can get a peaceful sleep. Eating almonds and yogurt at breakfast is very healthy. Drinking warm or Lukewarm milk before going to bed helps in sleep. Banana is a complete meal that not only gives instant energy to the body but also aids in good sleep. Eating a banana in the evening is helpful for a peaceful sleep.

You must be thinking about the role of poppy seeds in asleep, here’s the reason.
Poppy seeds contain Thiamin, iron, Calcium, Zinc, and phosphorus. They decrease anxiety and help in a good night’s sleep. So, add a little amount of poppy seeds to your evening tea or Lukewarm milk for a better sleep. You can also make a tasty curry of it for dinner. Want to know the recipe?

Here it is, Soak poppy seeds in water or milk for 3 to 4 hours. Then, grind them to make a paste. You can add a little water while making its paste. In a pan, fry one chopped onion in 3Tbsp oil. Then, add salt to taste, ½ tsp cumin seeds powder, 1tsp black pepper, ½ tsp red chili powder, 1/2tsp turmeric powder, and half cup of tomato puree or paste. Give it a good cook. Add poppy seeds paste and half cup of water. Mix it well. Allow it to cook on low flame for half an hour. Garnish it with chopped coriander. Tasty poppy seeds curry is ready 🙂

Listening to a soothing voice

Listening to a soothing voice also soothes your anxious mind and promotes deeper sleep. Soothing voice includes the recitation of any Surah or any soothing background track.

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So when you go to bed for a peaceful sleep, lay down, close your eyes and listen to any Surah. It will remove all the fatigue and you will feel lighter and happy. You can also listen to the calming roll of ocean waves, the trickle of raindrops or the gentle chirping of rainforest birds.

Avoiding the usage of gadgets

It is another useful tip to get a peaceful sleep. Most of the people use mobile phones or watch TV before going to bed. It is too dangerous as it delays our body internal clock thus affecting our sleep process. Researches have shown that late-night technology users get less peaceful sleep. If this habit continues, the health of a person deteriorates.

Don’t use mobile, laptop and avoid watching TV at least 2 hours before going to sleep. After taking dinner, go for a walk and spend the quality time with your family. Thus, you will get a peaceful sleep by avoiding the usage of modern technology before sleeping.

Sleepless nights are the biggest problem that people are facing these days all across the globe. They take the help of bitter pills to overcome this problem but this is not the ultimate solution. By bringing changes in your lifestyle, you can overcome any impossible thing and soon you won’t be tired of sleepless nights? The abovementioned tips will not only help to solve this problem but also bring a positive change in your life and mood.


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