How to beat this quarantine and become survival of the fittest?


It will not be wrong to say that a quarantine filters out,’ the survival of the fittest’ for the societies. But How?

The phrase, ‘the survival of the fittest’ comes from Darwin’s theory of evolution. It explains that any specie that manages to adapt itself to the current environment or situation and stay strong will survive in the society.

If we look at history, we will come to know that when fatal diseases spread out in the regions, people locked themselves in their homes. They were quarantined. In the past when yellow fever and cholera spread like a fire in the societies, people did not go outside to perform their regular duties. They stayed at home and this condition stayed for months. Those having weak bodies got ill and didn’t survive but those who stayed strong and survived in those nerve –racking moments were the fittest survivors of society.


It’s the rule of nature that societies accept only strong and healthy members. Currently, a panic situation is circulating around the globe. Almost 199 countries are under the pressure of coronavirus pandemic. This virus has swallowed many innocent lives. Every country has restricted the personal movements, public events, seminars and business activities and people are quarantined. Apart from safety, the quarantine has its own fears and side effects. It’s in man’s nature that he can’t stay at one place. His personality demands a change. He wants to go and dine out with his friends and family. So, staying at one place for a long time is depressing for anyone.

When people are bound to stay at home, they feel caged with fear in their eyes. They experience anxiety and develop the state of restlessness. This state later on weakens the will power and the immune system of a person. It is observed that male members of any society easily undergo depression when they are in quarantine. It is because they are not used to stay at homes in normal days. They behave aggressively. This aggression and frustration weakens the immune system.  When the immune system gets weak, the person loses the ability to fight the diseases. The society never accepts the weak souls as they are easy victims of deadly diseases.

In today’s world, a fit and healthy person can cope up with any situation. He can easily win the battle against the diseases. The title,’ the survival of the fittest’ is for such robust and energetic souls.

Who can be the part of ‘The fittest theory’?

You must be thinking that how one can be the part of ‘the fittest theory’ in a quarantine? Here’s the answer, It’s a fact that a quarantine leads to depression and fear but a strong person can easily face all the challenges of a quarantine. The following factors will not only help you to stay healthy and strong but also make you the part of ‘the fittest theory’.

  • Think positive:

The importance of positive thinking is priceless. When you will think positive, you will face the challenges of a quarantine with courage and your immune system will not get weak. A positive person with positive attitude will think of new activities that he will do in isolation. Instead of shouting and fighting with the other members of family, he will read a good book or bake a delicious cake with a smile on his lips. So, don’t allow negative thoughts to cross your mind. Always think positive no matter how hard the situation is.

  • Do Exercise:

Exercise is another important factor that can improve your mental health and mood. The best way to kick out depression from your life during quarantine is to do exercise. It will make you feel happier and produce positive feelings. Regular exercise will make your body strong. When your body will be strong, you will not get ill.
In quarantine, you can do easy exercises with your kids at home. You can skip a rope or do running in your room. This will make you and your loved ones strong.

  • Do Meditation:

Meditation plays a vital role in improving the overall health of your body. Meditation reduces the stress and wipes out fears. It also promotes emotional health. One of the biggest challenge that one faces during isolation is fear. When you will meditate, you will not feel stressed. Your mind will also be free from devil thoughts. You will think positive.

In tough times when you cannot go outside for a walk with your friends, you can do Yoga in your room. You can also sit quietly in your room and offer your prayers. Sometimes talking to God removes all the pain from your life. So, don’t forget to meditate.

  • Improve your Immunity :

The immune system is the defence system of your body that protects it from diseases. A person with strong immunity is the fittest member of society. In a quarantine, it is very necessary to pay heed to your body’s defence system.

You can take Vitamin C foods like lemon, kiwi, Guava, oranges and strawberries to increase the immunity of your body. The addition of garlic, ginger and honey to your daily diet will also make your defence system strong.  Thus, instead of eating junk food while watching TV eat healthy immune boosting food.

  • Sip Healthy Drinks:

Healthy drinks play an important role to remove toxins from your body. The best healthy and cheapest drink is water. Luke warm water is perfect for your body. It will not only control the weight of your body but also removes the unwanted stuff from your body. Juices of fresh fruits are also healthy.

In a quarantine, you should avoid drinking fashion energy drinks. It is very helpful to drink Luke warm water to stay away from viruses and bacteria.

Stay Safe and healthy, love yourself and be the active member of society.

The hardest moments and situations in life figures out ‘the survival of the fittest’ for the society. There is no hard and fast rule to win this phrase. Anyone can overcome fear, fight depression and Be the fit member of society by implementing the above mentioned key factors in life.

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