Do you ever feel that you are constantly on the edge of your relationship? Wandering The dos’ and don’ts of dating? Do you ever get paranoid while dating someone? Tired of trying to find anything that guides you through it without making your life difficult? Well! Everyone has been there sometime during their relationship. Getting settled or making meaning out of a relationship is a natural phenomenon and there is no magic trick to make things work. However, there are certain established facts that your need to know and possibly work upon to make sure that you are not miss-stepping on any of the essentials of dating.

The dos

We conducted a survey of more than 500 couples. Where we were successful in writing down these do’s from the list of dos’ and don’ts in dating.

  • Remain interested in your partner.
  • Constantly show them that you care.
  • Remember days that are important to them, bring them gifts, cards or flowers and make their day special.
  • Socialize with your partner. Take them to meet and greet with your friends, plan outings
    and fun activities together.

  • Keep the spark alive, remain happy and work on making them happy too. Find out their interests and what turns them on, then go on and do it.
  • Give them the space and importance in your life that they deserve.
  • Above all, love them and let them know that you truly care for them and that they are the one.

Want to learn more about do’s here are some useful more tips that will help you more.

The don’ts

When we searched we also found out the don’ts you should definitely avoid so you don’t spoil your dating experience while others keep on scoring. If you can overcome these you can surely win the situation.

  • Most importantly, don’t take your partner for granted.
  • Do NOT keep them guessing, be clear and specific about what you need and where they stand in your life.
  • Do not leave the space open for someone else to take over. Give them the time and space that they deserve.
  • Don’t make fun of them in public or in front of your friends. Don’t backbite or speak ill of your partner to a third person

(This can seriously ruin your chances if they find out. Even if they don’t find out, speaking ill of them will eventually cut down that spark and love from the equation).

  • Don’t let your friends take over when your partner is around. Make your partner your first priority and go with your instincts.
  • Do NOT take suggestions from your friends. When angry or confused, just confront your partner and take the time to work things out together.


  • NEVER let a third person take away the spark that you two share. Keep things personal. Never spill the beans on your partner.
  • If you truly care for them, never ever tell on them or talk about their mistakes or shortcomings to a third person.

Set of heart puzzles represent love Premium Vector

These might not be all of the tips but they are definitely the essentials. No one can predict the extent or outcome of a date or even a relationship. However, if you are serious and wish to make things work out between you and your partner, then you definitely need to focus on the basics. Do everything you possibly can to make your partner realize that they are the only one for you and no matter what, never insult or hurt them intentionally. If you focus on the good and work upon being affectionate and genuine, there is no reason as to why it won’t work out for you.


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