Are YouTubers really sincere while sharing Information


The question that often pops up in a deep thinker’s mind is, Are YouTubers sincerely sharing the information? Well! To answer this question, you need to focus on different perspectives.

Everyone these days is chasing two cheesy success monsters that are money and fame. These two monsters can make anyone run madly after them. People have adopted different ways to get them. Some people are surfing the internet day and night. Some are making and changing plans day and night to promote their business.

Among different activities, the most famous and in-demand is video making on Youtube. It is normal that when one thing comes in demand or increases in number, it loses quality after some time. Like, if you have a single child to look after, you will pay attention to him. You will try your level best to make him the best and successful man in his life. On the other hand, if the number of children is 4 in your home, you won’t pay equal attention to them. In fact, you will find it difficult to do justice among them.

the quality level of your attention and parenting will be different.

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How do they get into you?

Almost, half of the world’s population is on youtube or trying to get on youtube. But very few of us think about the content and information shared on the youtube channel. It is rightly said, not every information that crosses your ear is right. 80 to 90 % of YouTubers share the spicy content that lacks authenticity. Some you tubers may share authentic information with their audience but their number is less.

Most of them share health-related tips that even they have not tried. For-example; you tuber with minimum qualification and experience shares the weight loss or weight gain tips. How can you rely on the video? You tubers don’t show their certificates before sharing any information. On the other hand, if you visit any certified nutritionist or a dietician for guidance, you will get authentic information and tips. Most of the information is just a fake impression.


It seems easy nowadays to look for solutions to all problems on youtube while staying at home. If anyone has to fix a car engine or to change a bulb at home, he will look for a video on youtube. If anyone has recently broken-up with his/ her fiancé, the same person will look for a counseling video. If anyone wants to cook something new for Easter or an upcoming party or dinner, he will look for the recipe on youtube. But one should think, is every information authentic on youtube? Is every you tuber sincere with you?

Of course not! The majority of them share information without any knowledge. Youtube is a big platform with millions of people using it. Almost 80 to 90% of people who make videos on youtube are not sharing honest content. Let’s have a look at a few examples. A beautician comes up with her video on youtube with a face whitening tip. She just mixes the ingredients and apply on face and then start praising her clear skin. She won’t discuss the skin types, in fact, she is least concerned about the viewers’ skin type.

When the audience applies the same formula at home after watching the video, it doesn’t work for him/ her. Maybe that tip was suitable for normal skin and it doesn’t work on oily skin.

Really? Yes!

Making life-hacks videos is another famous trend that is observed on youtube. Many you tubers come up with life hacks, how to clean something fast, how to make frosting in an oven. But in reality, when you try the same technique at home, it does not work and it leaves you with disappointment. In the video, it seems easy to fix the broken engine or any wire at home but in reality, it is not that simple. You may injure yourself while dealing with wires or fixing things at home.

If a child is watching that video, he may break his arm or leg while fixing the things. Some you tubers come up with counseling videos for depressed people. In reality, the majority of them have no idea what actually depression is, they don’t peep into your hearts. YouTubers just use sugar-coated words and emotional stories to convince you to like their video and continue watching them in the future.

Life is not a bed of roses and not everyone has the time these days to solve other problems. You are dearer to your parents who raised you rather than a stranger on youtube. If anyone can help you out in difficult times, that anyone is your mother or your father or your silent prayer at a mosque or a church. YouTubers don’t know about the storm that is blowing in your heart. They just want leads and likes which ultimately give them fame and money.


Wait still more to come from Youtubers!

The experience of learning a new skill in a classroom is more effective than learning it on youtube. In a classroom, you have an experienced and certified teacher in front of you. He sincerely teaches you and solves your queries. On the other hand, if you try to learn something by any you tuber, he may hide some information. In case of queries, he may not reply to you. If he has 200 plus comments and questions, he will probably ignore some questions.

There is a very simple example, you love making cakes for your family but you don’t know how to make a black buttercream frosting that is actually technically made. You watch a video of any you tuber to solve your problem. You try the same method at home but your frosting turns to grey instead of black. Though you follow the steps and put the whole bottle of black food color the result is disappointing. If you try to ask in a comment, you will not get any reply.

Final Verdict!

Thus, not every information that is shared by your tubers is authentic. YouTubers don’t know about the audiences’ flavors, internal thoughts, problems, and regions. If you only rely on the information that is shared by them, you will get disappointments more than success. You need to believe in yourself in case of any challenge. You are special and made with love from God. You have the power to turn your bad days into good days. For technical issues and new skills, it’s is advisable to consult any certified person who will give you proper time and listen to you with concentration.

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