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Here at the global fever we aim to publish your content, your thoughts and your perspective to the world. Yes we are giving you a platform to write for us because we The Global Fever is the viewer number one choice to get to know what is happening in this world.
If you don’t want to read any further more and get started with your article to be published just send us your article now at and we will publish it right away with your name at the top or you can simply signup and put your article online here. See how simple it is.
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Our Approach

We not only publish your guest post on the website but we will also share on the our  social platforms. We will do this multiple times.
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We are looking for Guest Post on below these niches

  • Health
  • Travel
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Health startups
  • Life Style
  • Recipes
  • IT
  • Wait Any niche You Have !!

Publication process

It is veryyyyy smooth. Simply email at  and our editor with reply you with all details 🙂
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What is for me ! ?

You will have your own author page where you can add all your biography, story and details. We want you to get noticed.